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2019... Happy New YOU!

Here I am- here WE are! Friday 4th January 2019. The first day, first post, the first experience of my website. I wanted to let you in on the thought process behind HENRYFRICKER.COM. It was not just a platform to advertise and put out my work, music, and self to you within one destination. I have been searching for a way to get more connected to my fans- other than the social media platforms I currently use. There are lots of distractions on social media; the hottest news of the day, trends, celebrities, dramas and many other things that I feel get in my way with being able to write directly to you and for you to hear me loud and clear. This is going to eliminate those things and make it directly to you reading this right now, nothing in the way.

Along with many other things that are coming to you, this platform is the first step of us building this incredible future together- it's certainly been a great start together and why stop!? The point I am wanting to make is that this musical story I am writing for myself only starts with me, it continues with you for listening, for purchasing, for downloading, coming to performances, spreading the word and for supporting this music and the vision. The vision is to connect people with universal love, the world can be a dark place at times and I know that I certainly struggle to feel the light that I know is there to be discovered and there to remind us that we're all living the same struggles, same fears and the same want to feel LOVE. Let us connect together through the power of music, this music and all of the songs, albums, performances that are to come.

Thanks for taking this ride with me, let's show the world what LOVE really is. Happy New Year, Happy New YOU!

H x

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