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2020 Final Message

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Hello- for the final time this year, 2020.

Here I am, here you are and here WE are. We have made it through arguably one of the hardest years that generations have seen and we are at the end of 2020. It would be ignorant of me to ignore all of the pain and hurt this year has caused- from the global pandemic and destruction that Covid-19 has sprung upon us all to painful events we’ve witnessed, like the brutal murder of George Floyd and countless others in minorities in the US but also around the world. The social justice we have been striving for this year cannot hold up, we need to continue the fight for what is right and fight with every ounce of our being, heart and soul until we see a more equal, accepting and non-judgemental world. Although this year has been painful in many many ways, let’s reflect on what this year has also made us realise and the parts that we, and I can be grateful for.

Thank you to all of our frontline workers, all staff of the NHS and to everybody who has worked tirelessly this year to keep us safe. You are heroes and we will forever be grateful to all the work you continue to do.

For me personally, I am so grateful for the time this year allowed me to focus my energy on myself- with not allowing myself to feel guilty or in anyway selfish. Whether it has regained any strengths I need to prioritise, to have the power to be more selective in what makes me happy and to grow even more as a human being; a 23 year old in the world today I am grateful. I think we can all be grateful for the time and space this year has allowed us. Being in lockdown has forced us to redefine our priorities and what we want our circles to look like, our futures to be and what brings us true happiness. I am so grateful for all of my incredible family, dear friends and you- my supporters more than ever 💫♥️

Also, I feel I have been re-introduced to what music means for me this year more than ever. It is so much more than a song I play or write for the enjoyment of listening. It is to empower and escape- the power that music holds is limitless and I do not take that for granted. Every lyric I write, every chord I play and every intention of the message of what I’m putting out in my music has been shifted in my priority. It has to mean something in the bigger picture and in the world. I want to say firstly a huge THANK YOU for supporting me in a mission that is much bigger than music; to connect people around the world through my music and the feeling of community music brings. To have an impact in this world can often sound ambitious (some may say outright CRAZY 😅) but its truly been made clear this year for me and that is what I am striving for- to have a positive and global impact in and for years to come with my music, heart and soul. You have embraced this “mission” so much this year with the release of “Shelter” in May, the Acoustic and broken-down release in July, “The Truth Is Love” in August and finally the Official Music Video and visual to “Shelter” in October. I thank you all so much for your support- for purchasing and downloading, for streaming, for sharing, for watching, for investing and for joining me on my mission. There is more music coming your way in 2021 and I cannot wait to grow together and hopefully be able to perform soon and meet you all in person; to thank you all face to face. Don’t get me wrong, I have LOVED #TheUpliftingSessions concerts I have performed for you all on InstaLive this year 😉 BUT nothing beats the feeling of live music in person.

Let us rejoice in the gratitude we can feel for our health, for our family and friends and for each other over this holiday period and into the new year and beyond.

I love you and thank you once again for all you give me; I couldn’t be more grateful.

Stay safe, be uplifted and keep on going. You are amazing and I hope you know that. I cannot wait for 2021 and beyond with you.

All of my forever #LOVE


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