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A Love Letter To Music...

Sometimes you need to just relax, reassess and restart. That is okay- sometimes it is hard to hear clearly through all of the noise around you and to really see the end goal of some projects and missions you set yourself.

Recently, there has been some changes to the team around me and that I am working with; trying to navigate through that was extremely difficult and it has taken its tole on me in many ways. However, i'm getting through and I am nearly out of the other side. One of my favourite quotes is from my teacher and inspirer Oprah Winfrey, "Everyone has a story, and there is something to be learned from every experience"- it is times we are tested that I truly believe all becomes clear and your vision for intention becomes even more determined. I am always on the search for learning new things, to grow as a human being, an artist, songwriter, musician and creative director for my own artistry and if there is one thing I am learning, or that is becoming clear to me, is just how vital music is to my very being and soul. I deeply love writing songs, exploring myself through melody and lyrics, performing with the intention to inspire and connect humanity; ultimately growing and progressing, always.

Music is the blood that runs through my veins and that keeps my heart going, that will never change. I have realised that certain aspects of what I wanted my future to be, the reasoning I wanted to create music and my priorities became somewhat confused and it is time to straighten those out and get back to the heart of why music changed my life. Whenever I sit at the piano, all other aspects of life fade away and I am fully in the present moment- whether I am pouring my emotions into every note, writing the next song I need to exhale or polishing my talent I feel connected to all I do. That is exactly the same feeling as when I sing and get lost in the moment of melody.

I know that is special and I know that it is something I need to cherish and keep constantly fuelled for my own wellbeing and drive. That needs to be my constant priority, it needs to be my daily self-reminder. That is my promise to you.

Nothing feeds my soul more than when other human beings can feel connected in whatever way to my music and it moves them. Whether that be to feel strong, vulnerable, empowered or comforted it all matters to me and it all keeps me going- you are the forward motion and you will always be my reason to perform and create. Thank you. It is through music and all of you that helped me find my purpose to be on planet earth, that is something I realise the significance of and I tell you today and I will always, it is not something I take for granted.

To music, to you- This is my love letter.

H x

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