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  • Henry Fricker

Happy New Year. 2020 is ours...

2020 is nearly upon us, 2019 is nearly finished.

What a year it has been, I can honestly say it has been 365 days of pure lesson-learning and personal growth. I promise you, it feels AMAZING to have this overwhelming gratitude inside of me for the last year- for all of you who played a part in not only the last year, but every single day ongoing.

Yes, certain things didn’t go to the original plan; I didn’t realise the much anticipated music I planned to release, and I didn’t perform half as much to all of you as I originally wished. That is life, things happen and things don’t happen, and that is absolutely fine. I’m in the position now where I don’t feel the need to beat myself up about things that haven’t happened due to events out of my control.

I am energised more than ever for 2020, the release of new music and being able to reach and connect with you more than ever before. This is going to be YOUR year. This is going to be MY year and more importantly, it is going to be OUR year. Let’s continue to share all the love, emotion and connection we have shared so incredibly so far, in 2020 let’s blow the #LOVE out of the stratosphere!

I cannot wait to share even more of my soul with each and every one of you in 2020 more than ever before.

All of my forever and eternal #LOVE,

Henry x