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  • Henry Fricker

#HenrysMusicMondays Volume 2

Hello People!

Here we are at the second pick for #HenrysMusicMondays, last week we had Joe Waller Feat. Parv with “Drink Too Much”. I wanted to pick a song that a new release from an artist that I have followed for a few years now and she has only got bigger and is now starting to get the worldwide recognition she so deserves.

Therefore, this weeks pick is a song from Maren Morris‘ new album GIRL. A beautiful album that you need to check out in full, in particular I want you to listen to the song “To Hell & Back” and this is my second pick for #HenrysMusicMondays. Check it out below:

Official Website:

ITunes: GIRL by Maren Morris

Google Play:


I hope you enjoy as much as I do. I have also added this pick to my Spotify playlist that you can find and follow here:


H 🖤