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#HenrysMusicMondays Volume 7

Monday, here we again! We love a new week; new beginnings, new chances and new opportunities to fly!

This week, I wanted to pick something that you may not expect! It is from an artist who I have recently enjoyed and respected musically and lyrically and have now taken a large interest in, more so than before. That is Shawn Mendes. He caught my attention upon the release of his Self-Titled album. At only 20 he has a crazy talent and, in my opinion, has only just gotten started in his career!

My favourite song from this album mentioned is this week's #HenrysMusicMondays is the track "When You're Ready". Another I really like is "Like To Be You" feat. Julia Michaels. I suggest you definitely listen to "When You're Ready", such a beautifuly-written song and a lovely sentiment. Check it out below, be sure to subscribe and follow the spotify playlist to keep up to date with my weekly picks!





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