• Henry Fricker


It is Mental Health Awareness Week. Not only should you pay attention to your own mental health but speak about your own mental health to anybody you feel necessary and possible.

Speaking on your own mental health is the first step to healing the hurt. Nobody should ever suffer in silence and shouldn’t feel ashamed, embarrassed and like they’re alone.

From my own personal experience, I never spoke about the decline of my mental health and depression previously and it took me to a crazy place where I had no choice but to speak about the state I was in. Speaking and sharing about my circumstances saved my life, without any doubt, and I promise you it helps me everyday to live with my mental health and to heal.

Speak to a family member, a loved one, your GP, friends, colleagues; any one that can help you to heal. Let’s break down any barriers that have been put up by society and learn to talk about our mental health in everyday circumstances. It doesn’t deserve stigma and it is normal, you are normal, you are special, you are loved and you matter. I send you all love 🖤

“You matter, you’re important and you are enough because you exist”.