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“Odd One Out” by Jesy Nelson

I have just finished watching “Odd One Out” on BBC Three by Jesy Nelson. Currently sat in tears at the fact this continues to happen and continues to destroy the self-confidence of beautiful human beings, with their whole lives ahead of them. Thank you Jesy for speaking out and sharing your truth with the world in order to help others. You have made a brave step and you should be overflowing with pride at what you have achieved and the help this will bring to others. You are doing amazing work.

Yes, social media can be incredible, purposeful and important. However, we cannot ignore the dark side of the social media obsessed times we seem to be living in currently- this is real life and the hate that is shared so freely is also very real. These are human beings, human emotions, real minds and as a result, lives at risk.

Speak out, spread awareness and use this platform wisely to spread LOVE, POSITIVITY and A REAL HUMAN CONNECTION. Not hate, trolling, abuse and social attacks. Think before you post, before you speak and re-think your hateful mindsets towards others who you may never meet.

Our mental health is real, sometimes fragile and far too important to be subjected to online hate.

Forever Love, Forever Positivity.

Always hope.

Henry x

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