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  • Henry Fricker

Shelter, One week on.

Here I am, here we are. One week today since my returning single "Shelter" was released, and I can't put into words how fulfilling it's been for all of you to hear new music. The creative process behind Shelter was such a beautiful one, to delve into the emotion of the song carefully plan out every single lyric with my friend and writing partner Joe Not Joseph ( was an experience that I will always remember.

This song was written last year, however the release of it into the world with the current global situation we are all in, seems fate. I can't think of a more perfect lyric to speak about how we are all feeling and, how we all need to offer Shelter to one another. Although we are in uncertain and scary times, one thing I know for sure is that we all need to rely on eachother and spread LOVE and POSITIVE ENERGY to one another. To your loved ones, friends, colleagues, our incredible key workers and frontline health HEREOS- we are all deserving of love and don't hesitate just to call someone to tell them you are thinking of them and to always #BEKIND.

I wanted to personally thank you all; everyone who has purchased, downloaded, streamed, share and most importantly taken Shelter into your lives and hearts like I have. It's a beautiful thing to hear from you to how you're reacting to the single and how it makes you feel, what or who it makes you think about. Please never hesitate to DM me on socials, I LOVE to hear from you all.

Stay kind, stay positive and let's keep listening to Shelter, together.

Love always,

H x