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Still I Rise!

Good Evening Y'all!

I hope you are all incredible and smashing through life with your incredible power inside of you, not looking back and keeping hope for your future!

Now... I know i've been quiet for a little bit! I took some time out over the last week or two to really spend time on myself, to really reflect on what is real. I have been away with my incredible family where there was no phone signal, no wifi, beautiful sunshine and almost nobody around.

Sometimes you need this for yourself, take time to reflect on yourself and your soul and to really get back to basics with your priorities. Sometimes you don't feel 100% yourself and that is FINE! You are human and you are allowed to feel like this, never feel like it isn't "normal" or embarrased for not always being yourself.

When I feel like this, I reach out to many things to help me "rebuild myself"- friends, family, MUSIC, songs and one of the helps is poetry- sometimes it is the words that other people have written that help me back to myself. I wanted to share one of my favourites, Maya Angelou.

There are countless Maya poems that have struck a chord with me, however there has always been one that helps me regain power and strength within myself and that is the one I first read- many years ago; "Still I Rise". Check it out below:

Not only do these words empower me, this beautiful and powerful woman does the same. I'm so sad that she is no longer with us, but WHAT A LEGACY! Check out the incredible soul of Ms Angelou:

Forever Love, Stay Powerful.

H x

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