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The Truth Is Love - 1 Week On.

Happy Friday beautiful people!

Can you believe that it has already been a WEEK since my single "The Truth Is Love" was released?! I cannot wrap my mind around how quickly the time has passed.

So, here we are a week on and what have I learnt this past week from this single? I have learnt that the lyrics speak ever more true than before. I wrote this song nearly 2 years ago now (there is a little exclusive for you!) and I coud never have imagined or wanted to believe that 2 years on this song could be more relevant and needed than ever. I believe that this message really is the truth, The Truth IS Love, and it always has to be- I want this song to spread as far and wide as possible. With your help, that is happening and I couldn't be more grateful for your support. I appreciate you so much 🤍

We are living in a time of dramatic circumstances and a time that is calling upon each and every one of us to fight for change. With the lyrics to this song, I hope to inspire every single person that hears and digests this song to fight for a better world for all of us. We cannot ignore the suffering that the black community in particular are facing every single day and have faced for centuries. Please do all you can to act and fight for positive change. Visit for ways to help.

Finally, I just want to say thank you. Thank you always for your #LOVE and support of all I do. The response to my Instagram Live "The Uplifting Sessions" has also been so incredible! With this time, I still want to connect with all of you through live performance and this allows me to have that instant energy with each and every person that tunes in. Part. III will be coming soon- keep your eyes peeled!

Keep listening to The Truth Is Love, keep sharing with your loved ones and anyone that needs to hear these lyrics and keep spreading positivity wherever you find yourself.

Until we are together again,

Always #LOVE.

H x

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